Thursday, June 6, 2013

Taking a vacation when you need one

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
        Sorry I took so long to get back to you with a blog. Kind of got a lot of gigs going on. It's also harder to come up with fresh content than I thought but I will try and maintain a daily or semi-daily blog for here on out. I wanted to do 365 blogs in 365 days but I think that even if I blog once every other day I will have a lot higher fan base than before. I have already noticed a slight increase in likes and fanpage activity on facebook.

     Today I come to you to talk about something everyone who works as a Fiverr seller should do. We should all take the time to take a vacation. Fiverr is just like any other job and there is not time to clock in or clock out. You set your own pace and your own hours based on your orders. So basically you have to alert your new incoming clients and regular customers when you plan on going out of town or plan to go on a small vacation. Suspending some of your gigs may work too but it can drop your sales and rankings. So it's much easier to just update your main page with a reminder stating you will be out of the office so to speak. Believe me everyone needs a break...I'm on my second attempted vacation soon because my first one I work through at least 3-4 days of it. Don't subject yourself to a working vacation. If regular customers and other clients really like your work they will wait or they will come assured you won't lose out in the end. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day. 

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