Tuesday, February 19, 2013

100 keywords to fire up your site

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,

Have I got an amazing gig I want to talk about today. I had this seller contact me about an awesome gig that is amazingly huge! This sellers name is supercontact and he has a really cool gig that needs rating. The gig is I will provide Top 100 Keywords for Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Mobile Campaign or your website for $5” and this is one of the biggest keyword gig I have seen yet. This can dramatically increase your page-rank and help with SEO on your website. I have been ordering enough gigs lately or else I would be ordering this bad boy! I think that anyone could benefit from this gig and you should order today.

supercontact this is where I get critical and start playing devils advocate. Ok so I notice your overall percentage is pretty low. Find a way to change that by looking over past orders from other gigs and seeing what you did. Bad feedback will ruin your reputation, but also late cancels and force cancels will make your score fall big time. Just contact support if you’re undure and have them help. The best thing to do is have support answer any questions you may have. Next, start adding more gigs…c’mon now. You can have up to 20. You will never get a higher score without getting more clientele. Lastly, establish a working relationship with some level 2 and top rated sellers. They have the experience needed to get you to the next level. You came to the right place, but people like oldbittygrandma, alanletsgo, kymmpops, professorpuppet, djemotion, chrishardy, and jerseyferretti are all top rated sellers that could help immensely. Believe me I know because I’m friends with a lot of people here on Fiverr. I kinda have developed a lot of working relationships because of this blog.


        supercontact you have some awesome gigs and I wish you best of luck. If you get that rating up, advertise your gigs more, and get a lot of sales you’ll be a level 1 seller in no time. I will follow up with you when you become a level 1 seller. Until next time Fiverrtastic readers have a Fiverrtastic day!

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