Monday, June 8, 2015

Never fear a new blog is here

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
      Welcome again to another edition of Fiverrtastic blog. I noticed I haven't written a blog in months. I also noticed a lot of Fiverr Top Rated or Level 2 sellers who have went on an extended vacation. The seller that did an audiobook voiceover for my children's books never did my 2nd gig for my 2nd children's book. It wasn't done yet. It is now and so is a 3rd. it's a shame I was going to hire her again.  I even messaged her a few times. I'm not going to speak ill of another Fiverr seller. So I won't mention her name. I will post my e-book links later. I have been in her situation before, but I made good on a gig when a buyer contacted me, no matter how busy I was.

         If you're also wondering why I'm writing this blog I also have another motive. It came to my attention that another Fiverr seller, who is a seller and creative writer, has a Wordpress blog named Fiverrtastic. She contacted me about it either after seeing a twitter post, my facebook page, or seeing my blog. It was completely coincidental that we both have a blog with the same name. I had no idea that there was another blog. I did a search and either because it wasn't really active, or because google dropped the ball, it didn't find it. It's kind of late to rename the blog. It has over 250 posts, active fans/readers, steady traffic, and an active Facebook page. Both blogs are possibly in talks of merging or joining forces to make both blogs that much better. If you would like to check out her blog go to I urge you to do so, She has some really good content. She will also share your gig and drive traffic to it. I believe she has a gig for it. If she doesn't she will probably make it active again.

           I think this site is really nice and she probably could have made some good gig revenue if she kept the blog active. It was hard for me to get decent traffic and gig revenue sometimes because too many people wanted to promote new gigs with little or no rating. My goal was to make Fiverr sellers who were level 1 or level 2 become Fiverr superstars. I even have had Fiverr staff reading this blog. I know a few other sellers who are skilled at doing the same thing but they are skilled in SEO. I'm only skilled at social networking and driving traffic.

           The writer of the original Wordpress Fiverrtastic blog is very busy with school and daily life things. I don't mind doing a lot of the writing and Facebook leg work. I may need new content creators, anyone who reads this that's interested contact me in the comments or on Facebook.  I am currently doing other things along with Fiverr. I'm selling on Ebay and doing other things like writing my own novel and children's books. I see plenty of people leaving Fiverr and either selling on their own websites, managing Youtube channels, making money from blogs, or making money from Vine. I'm not confident I can do that. Fiverr and Ebay are my hustle and I'm good at it. Furthermore I lost my Adsense account and not sure what other sites give you ad revenue. So, if you're a Fiverr seller, freelancer, or blogger and you're good at what you do keep doing it. Someday it will pay off. I still remember the advice of the great Sam Cornwell, the guy who used to be the voice of Fiverr, He told me when we first met online to "Be Humble". Remember those words and you will go far in whatever you do.

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